Beginners    |     0>A1     |        Vrijdag      |        18.00 uur  |   vanaf eind januari

Beginners+  |    A1 >A2  |         donderdagmiddag|       tijd volgt   |   start eind januari

(Half)gevorderd              |       Privéles

Dutch lessons

! N E W: we also offer group lessons DUTCH!  A modern course in everyday use. Fantastic and very practical lessons.   You can join our beginners+ group wich has just started.  Or form your own group.

BEGINNERS+ TRAINING: 12 lessons of  2 hours  for 249,- eu

Portaal Trainingen specializes in teaching Dutch to people whose mother tongue is Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, English or Arabic.

The explanation/definitions  are available  in : Spanish, French or English.  There are three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Not all are available in grouplessons.

Of course, the Intake is absolutely  free!

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